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Water Hyacinth

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"The Hyacinth Lily or Water Hyacinth"

Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes Mart Solms) is a blooming pond plant floats freely in lakes or ponds. A candle light in its petals and its light blue to violet in color grows up to 3 feet tall.It is used in flower arrangements and in making bags, baskets, decorative ropes and strings.

How to take Care Water Hyacinth

  1. First thing to consider in planting water hyacinth is the climate of your place. Water hyacinth grows best in neutral pH, water high in macronutrients, warm temperatures (28° to 30°C), and high light intensities. To plant it, just throw your plant(s) into the water. You can grow water hyacinth  in a large pot with no drainage of you live in Southern State.
  2. The water hyacinth grows fast.  To prevent the water hyacinth spread that may cause to choke out your pond, tie s string 2 inches above the water around their growing area. Do this every period.
  3. It is best when you add an aquatic fertilizer (small amount of fertilizer) if their leaves turn yellow. You can put fish to your pot or pond; it helps fertilize your water hyacinth.
  4. Don’t grow your water hyacinth on a shady pond, it will not do will. Make sure it is provided by a full natural sunlight.

    Eichhornia crassipes Mart Solms

    Water Hyacinth

Additional Info:

Water Hyacinth is considered to be the most hardworking natural wastewater purifiers. It feeds upon many types of air and water pollutants, manufactures fresh oxygen and is aesthetically pleasing when in full bloom. It indicates the level of pollution in the water – the healthier it is the more polluted the water, the thinner it is or the absence of it the cleaner the water.