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Flower Arrangement

April 3, 2011 Leave a comment


  • Arrangement must depend upon the receiver.
  • For a wrapped bouquet with dried abaca weave or crazy cut, make sure the color of your wrapping materials compliments with the flowers.
  • Should you put to use clear containers, add square cut colored foam to hide the green foam at the bottom.
  • Use flowers in different stages of development, from bud to full bloom. A rosebud suggest a heart innocent of love. A single-stemmed one in full bloom means “I Love You”. Bouquet of Roses in full bloom signifies gratitude.
  • Place the buds with long stems at the top and short stems at the sides. Put the largest and fullest flowers at the center, with the blosomming flowers around the edges, to form a focal area.
  • Turn open flowers such as roses, daffodils, gerbera etc. at different angles to show the different slope.
  • Neutral colors such as white, orange, peach, blue, and yellow flowers are appropriate for men. Almost any color fits women depending on the intended message. Pink signifies gratitude, yellow is for apology, white is for beauty and red is for love, courage and respect.
  • Let the color of the flowers and foliages compliment.
  • Make use of different types of foliages.
  • Use less flowers to allow you to mix- and-match foliages creatively.
  • Incorporate balloons, stuffed toys, valentine cards, or chocolate to your arrangement.

    Flowers with chocolate