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How To Make Money In Plants

March 20, 2011 1 comment

Foliage Anthurium can be profitable.

There are many opportunities in the  plant business. All you have to do is discover for yourself what you can beat grow and market under your circumstances.

The first thing to do is to Look for Something New. One that is beautiful and different or better then what is available in the market (newly collected plant from the wild, newly introduced plant from a foreign country, newly developed hybrid by a plant breeder, mutated plant).

Next,  Something for Collectors.When you have acquired a plant that is something new, visualize its  commercial possibilities. Not all new plant are for the mass market. Your plant could be mutant. It is  possible that the plants is mainly for people who collect plants because they are rare.

You can also produce seedlings for sale. One other way of making money in ornamentals is germinating seeds to produce seedlings for sale. You need to select the seedling to produce, one that has a market. Remember that ornamentals also grow out of style. So be aware about trends. Produce seedlings that you believe you will be able to sell.The beauty about growing seedlings  for sale is that it does not require a very big space. Example of seedlings you can produce: different variety of palms, bromeliads, and aroids.