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Ornamental Plant-Zinnia

bella zinnia

bella zinnia - ornamental plant

What is this Zinnia?  Zinnias are member of Aster family of plants. It originated in Mexico and Southwest United States. Zinnia is compose of Bella series that consist of plants that are well branched that has a double flower and Profusion series that has a single flowers and usually dwarf. Bella series is composed of  Bella  ivory,  Bella orange,  Bella pink,  Bella scarlet,  Bella scarlet & yellow,  Bella cherry& ivory and Bella cherry. Series of Profusion comes from cherry white and orange.

bella zinnia

bella zinnia-double

They are good to have ot in your garden since it is composed of different colors. They are also good to plant in container; it makes your garden wonderful and attractive. You can also use them as border plant.

Another good thing about zinnias is that they don’t need much attention since they can tolerate heat, humidity and drought. They also have a strong stems and staking is not necessary.

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