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Dragon Fruit and its Benefits

Dragon Fruit

A Dragon Fruit also known as Pitahaya, a vine like cactus that is known commercially in Asia. The fruit is oblong in shape and bright pink to red, green tipped overlapping scales rind. The edible portion is white or red, with hundreds of tiny black seeds. Its taste is sweet and juicy like pear and watermelon.

Matured Plants could be loaded with flower buds and open at 11:00 pm the following night, that is very luminous. The flowers close at noon when temperature rises and fruit formation begins. The peeling of a Dragon Fruit can be made into  fruit wine.

Bloom at night

Dragon Fruit Flower

In Philippines the flowers that do not fall from the fruits and become dry; these can be used for cooking sinigang( a Filipino soup or stew characterized by its sour flavor most often associated by tamarind).

Some benefits of Dragon Fruit are the folowing:

  • It prevents formation of cancer causing free radicals.
  • It helps the tissue development and strengthens the teeth and the bones
  • It also help the body metabolism and moisturizes your skin.
  • It can help also in improving your memory
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